Web sites

Website development company Webitoria specializes in development of affordable high-quality web sites with the main purpose: web site must be highly efficient for achieving the business goals. We create web sites with security, stability, performance and reliability in mind. Optimal pricing and efficiency makes Webitoria one of the best php web site developers on the market.

Create your web site

Today web site is not an option - it is the required and irreplaceble part for any business which wants to survive in strong business competition.

We can develop web sites of different types:

  • business card type web site - a web site that represents your company online
  • e-commerce web sites with shopping cart,  online product show-case and online purchase functions
  • web sites with a specific business functions: online real estate databases, auto buy and sell web sites, maritime business websites and more
  • personal web sites and blogs to represent your individual personality online
  • online forums and online public bulletin boards to organize a community of people with specific interests

Webitoria offers service and support at any point of lifecycle of a web site: from domain name registration and finding the optimal web hosting solution to post-development support tasks to keep the site up and running successfully.

We create manageable web sites you can easily control yourself with simple and easy-to-use content management system (CMS). With our CMS, you can add new pages, edit the content of your pages, add pictures, change keywords a simplest way possible: with your browser! Just log in to a password protected section of your web site and do the changes you need yourself. And you don't need to be a programmer or web developer to do them!

Do you need some advanced functions of controlling your web site? That is also possible: detailed event monitoring, shopping cart activity statistics, controlling web site banners, placement of third party advertisement (such as Google Adsense), calculating the popularity scores of your products, pages and services, graphic visualization of statistics, post-moderated and pre-moderated user comments and other functions are available!

Site performance is very important. It is primarily affected by the number of visitors web site receives. For one web site a few very specific targeted visitors a day can be a complete success, but for some other web sites tens of thousands visitors a day can be the beginning of the story only. According to the web server load expected we can offer solutions to make your site load fast even with high traffic volumes by use of specific source code optimizations and web server tuning.

Please contact us to create your web site and get it up and running now!

Support your web site

To get the most of your web site and keep it effecient, up-to-date and secure, there's still a number of support tasks to do:

  1. Monitor the web site stability and performance
  2. Perform periodic backup of files and databases
  3. Resolve web hosting issues
  4. Update software and libraries to a fresh up-to-date versions
  5. Integrate web site with online public services
  6. Add new functions and  implement new ideas.

We are ready to organize and perform the support of your php web site to keep it in a fit condition!

Improve your web site

Already own a web site? Want to extend and improve its functionality and make it more efficient?

We are ready make your wishes come true by implementing your ideas for your web site. Also we can review your existing web site, verify its quality and efficiency and provide you with the set of recommendations on improving the site according to the goal you set:

  1. Get more clients from the web site
  2. Raise the sales of your products represented on your site
  3. Make your web site search engine friendly
  4. Improve conversion rates by making more visitors turn into paying customers
  5. Implement deep and advanced analyticsof web site visitors to find more efficient ways of promotion and sales
  6. Make your web site load faster
  7. Improve compatibility of your web site with different web browsers and more.

Our experience in development and optimization of various web sites helps us to offer you the most efficient ways of improvement of your web site.

Contact us with your ideas and plans on improving your web site to make it more efficient!