Online advertising

Webitoria offers context advertisement management service to promote your web site with pay-per-click Google Adwords program using the most efficient ways: you spend less money and get more clients!

Pay-per-click ad is a good way to start the promotion of web site in internet. When you have completed your web site and it is already online then the first problem everyone faces is: where to get visitors? There are many methods of web site promotion such as link building and search engine optimization. They work in long term stragegies but have serious drawback: too much time is needed to get first results, possibly up to a few months. And sometimes this is not acceptible. But pay-per-click online advertisement on search engine result page (SERP) or web content network (AdSense and other programs) works almost immediately after their start!

It's not a big deal to start new Adwords campaign but it's really tricky to make it efficient. Not knowing the practical details about internals of Google Adwords service it is easy to waste thousands of dollars without significant results. But if you use verified and time-proven methods and approaches to online advertisement then you can get new clients even with limited ad budgets and avoid extra expenses thus making your company more competitive.

The primary goal of almost all online advertising campaigns is to find new clients. And procedure of inviting clients to your web site must be affordable: in most cases cost of such invitation must be only the small part of expected profit received from the client. You can set up your online ads the way they will appear on top positions on search engine result pages but it is highly possible that clicks on them will be too expensive and ad campaign will fail due to inacceptible efficiency. Investments must be returned. So, pay-per-click advertisement - it's all about efficiency.

To establish a successfull Google Adwords campaign it is required to perform a lot of preparation work on your web site. Content of landing pages must be reviewed and optimized, new landing pages could be added, expected visitor actions must be verified, statistics analysis system must be installed and checked, and much more work must be done. Without such preparation the money you spend on online advertisement may become thrown away.

Good Adwords campaigns imply finding not just visitors (there are millions of them online!) but visitors who are really interested in your products or services, globally or in your region only. The rate of convertion of visitors into customers on your site is called conversion rate. High conversion rates mean you spend less money and get more clients. Conversion rates depend on many factors including the quality of landing pages, settings of ad campaings, quality of your ads etc.

We know how to improve the conversion rates and make web site a working part of your business. When your conversion rates are good, and cost-per-client is acceptable, when it's time to increase your ad budgets and make your business grow faster!

Webitoria's experienced specialists will provide you with the set of recommendations and support to make your online advertisement really work. Almost every aspect which helps to minimize the cost of paid clicks and make these clicks' conversion rates better will be in charge.

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