Web development services

Webitoria - a web software development company focused on building of efficient and easy-to-use web sites, online applications, services and databases for small and medium businesses and personal use.

You have found the right place if you are seeking the professional web developer to:

  • develop a web site to represent your company online
  • create e-commerce web site to sell electronic or tangible products online
  • create unique personal web site or blog with functionality not limited by free public services
  • build search engine friendly network of web sites to efficiently compete with strong competitors
  • create a web site targetet to maximize the revenue of context ads
  • create and support online forum, bulletin board, comminication and collaboration services
  • integrate your web site with existing web services - Twitter, Google, Facebook and more
  • optimize, improve and secure your web site, web server and internet infrastructure

We do the best to make each dollar of your investment in internet presence got returned and multiplied.

We specialize in:

  • PHP
  • Rich user interfaces with JavaScript and AJAX
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL database management systems
  • Linux and Unix server environment

These tools and technologies are reliable, supported, widely used and time-proven. Most of server software and tools we use are also free thus you have even more chances to achieve your commercial goals with minimum expenses!

We develop:

  • dynamic search engine friendly web sites with advanced functionality
  • online applications and databases with web-based user interface
  • distributed web sites with automatic data exchange systems
  • personal web sites and blogs to represent you and your services online

We perform server maintanance tasks:

  • installation and support of dedicated and virtual (VPS) Linux-based servers
  • transferring databases, sites and accompanying data from server to server
  • organizing the reliable backup system for web servers and databases
  • long-term administration, maintenance, support, upgrading, securing and fine-tuning of web servers

Do not hesitate to contact us with your tasks, offers and ideas.

With Webitoria you can benefit with unique combination of professional services and affordable pricing!