Web servers

Every web site is hosted on a hardware web server that needs care support. Web server is a base platform to make your site work fine, that's why its security, high performance and availability is so important.

Webitoria offers support service of Linux-based web servers which host web sites and provide supplemental services such as mail, ftp, vpn, voip telephony, etc. Our specialists can help you at any point of server lifecycle: from finding of optimal web server configuration with balanced cost and performance to configuring firewalls and fine-tuning of http and database server software.

We manage and support web sites hosted on shared hosting services, virtual private servers (VPS), virtual dedicated servers (VDS) or powerful multifunction dedicated servers with Linux operating system.

Our web server support offer includes:

  1. Finding the optimal web server solution for your web sites
  2. Installation and initial setup of web servers
  3. Setup of domain names and subdomains for your web sites
  4. Installation of SQL database management systems including MySQL and PostgreSQL DBMS
  5. Installation of web sites on your web server
  6. Installation of mail and ftp accounts on your server including secure solutions with encryption and ssl support
  7. Installation of SSL certificates to encrypt traffic between your server and visitor's browser
  8. Configuring the firewall to ensure maximum protection from unauthorized access and intrusion
  9. System status monitoring: memory usage, hdd free space monitoring, cpu load, running processes and more
  10. Installation of secure VPN connection to your server to secure server administration tasks
  11. Performance tuning of web server software including http servers, database servers and overall system performance
  12. Maintenance, upgrade and support of web server software
  13. Data transfer of websites, mail, databases and files from one server to another

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