Web design

Need web design for your web site?

Webitoria offers CSS-based web design solutions to make your site good looking, simple, easy-to-use and fast loading while ensuring the maximum browser compatibility. Web sites and online applications with simple and intuitive interface attract more attention of users and increase visitors loyalty to your services.

Success follows simplicity! Have a look at the world's popular web sites such as Google, Twitter, eBay, Paypal, Facebook. Although the services they offer are very powerful and diversified, user interfaces are quite simple and easy-to-use. Most of e-commerce web sites require a very simple minimalistic web design.

Our offer is to wrap any kind of functions of your web sites and web applications with lightweight and simple interface easy to understand and use.

Although Webitoria is much more a web developer than a web design company and sophisticated graphic art and graphic design is not our best point, our simple web design solutions are completely sufficient for all of our clientele. We offer clients demanding more complex graphics and art affordable template-based web design solutions (thousands of options!) as well as completely customized unique web design solution according to the requirements and wishes provided.

The main purpose of web design is to make information presented to visitors easy to read and recognize. To achieve the best results possible creating web design layouts and site structures we pay much attention to usability, simplicity and best web design practices to ensure your clients are happy with your sites!

To create an interface of the web sites we use CSS and different design templates for different pages. This approach makes future changes and improvements of web site appearance much easier and less expensive than monolithic web design where presentation logic is highly mixed with business logic.

Creating a layout of web site sections is the essential part of web design. Depending on web site type different layout types are more or less preferrable: one-column layout, two-column layout or three-column layout, with or without headers or footers, layouts with fixed or flexible (rubber-like) width and more features.

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