Search engine optimization

Optimization of a website for search engines is the essential part of web promotion. Search engine optimized web sites receive a lot of visitor traffic from world's biggest search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as from the number of local country-specific search engines. We can improve the visibility of your web site on search engine result pages (SERP) and make your search snippets look better making more visitors click on links pointing to your site.

Start search engine optimization of your web site with experienced SEO specialists of Webitoria to increase number of phone calls, requests, propects and finally clients of your business!

SEO work can be applied to a web site of almost any type: e-commerce web sites, copropate web sites, job sites, online stores specialized in selling books, software, cars, flowers, digital content, movies, home appliances, computers, mobile phones and other kind of products or services. If you use some parts of your web site to get some revenue from contextual advertisement then more traffic from search engines will result in increased revenues from ads placed on your site.

To achieve positive and visible results from search engine optimizations is not an easy task: it requires deep knowledge of web server technologies and experience in semantic structuring of html documents as well as specific features of search engine robots. There are many methods to build internal and external linking scheme, to create site navigation menues and organize the structure but many of them are not good for search engines. With Webitoria, you will get the complete assistance to make your site search engine friendly and at the same time easy-to-use as much as possible.

Optimization of web page for a search engine requires to find the appropriate keywords which are relevant to the content of page and use them the best way possible.  Search engine optimization process makes finding the correct keywords for your pages one of the most important tasks. Betting on wrong keywords can result in loosing the audience you really need and attracting the audience not interested in your products or services.

It is always important to use search optimization methods correctly and ethically to satisfy the webmaster guidelines provided by search engine owners. We use only whilelisted methods of seo which satisfy all the requirements. Use of black hat seo approaches can lead to a very unpleasant results: your site can get banned on a search engine and you can loose all traffic from it for a very long time.

As a requirement Webitoria uses statistics analysis tools to get and analyze the results of completed work. We always analyze the keywords used by visitors which found your web site using search engine. Analytics gives the feedback to seo specialists to improve and correct their work and make your site's keywords even better.

We can perform search engine optimization of a web site not working with text areas of it only but including graphic images and videos to make them appear on image and video search functions of search engines. Additionally we use RSS technologies to make your site appear on blog search, improve the speed of indexing the site by spider robots and increase the number of links pointing to your web site thus adding more weight to your pages in most search engines.

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